Investment Planning & Investment Management Services

Investment Plan

Investing begins with developing an investment plan for your portfolio known as an investment strategy.  Your investment plan will include a blend of different asset classes to be used in your portfolio and target ranges will be assigned to each asset class.  This blend of asset classes will provide diversification which is the foundation of your plan.  Your current investments will be analyzed and assigned the proper asset class.  We will work together to develop the optimal blend of cash, stocks, bonds and real estate in your portfolio that are appropriate for your age and personal situation.

**Security selection, portfolio monitoring, and management is only available for investment advisory clients.

Once an investment plan is developed for you, the next step is implementation. Through our investment advisory services we can implement your plan and manage your portfolio on an ongoing basis.   

Successful investing takes years of education and actual practice to master. We realize many individuals are looking to an expert with the experience, training, education, credentials, and objectivity to oversee their investment process. If you are interested in professional investment management, please see below for a description of Investment Advisory Services

Investment Management Services

Our Investment Advisory services include:


Account Administration

We coordinate your periodic statements, check disbursements, and account registration.

Account Consolidation

We will advise you on creating efficiencies in the management of your account by consolidating your accounts where appropriate.

Account Rebalancing

In accordance with your Investment Policy Statement, we will keep your asset classes within target ranges at a minimum of annually.

Client Meetings & Updates

We will meet with you annually to review your portfolio and your financial goals. During the year we will keep you informed of important market information as it may relate to your portfolio.

Cost Basis Maintenance for year-end tax reporting

We will keep records of the purchase price and selling price of your investments and provide reports for your CPA.

Development and adherence to Investment Policy Statement

We will work with you to select an appropriate investment strategy that aligns with your tolerance for risk. We manage 9 investment strategies ranging from conservative to aggressive. These strategies can be used as a glide path from your working years to and through retirement.

Investment Selection

We utilize low cost, tax efficient mutual funds and exchange traded funds to create an investor experience that minimizes taxes and keeps investment cost low.

Performance Reporting

We will provide you with annual performance reports as we monitor your progress toward your financial goals.

Professional Objectivity

During extreme market volatility and throughout the course of the year, we will provide you objectivity to help you stay on track and not get distracted with short term events.

Portfolio Monitoring

We will provide periodic monitoring of your asset allocation, holdings, gains and losses and make appropriate recommendations.

Required Minimum Distribution Tracking

We will track and report your year to date required minimum distributions from your retirement accounts and keep you within compliance of this important IRS rule.

Ferro Financial, LLC does not sell financial products.  We manage portfolios on a fee-only arrangement for our clients.