Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with your firm?

The first step is to schedule a phone call to see if we are a good fit.  Next, we will prepare a financial review based on financial documents you submit.  The financial review will provide clarity and direction. 

I only want you to manage my money, do I need a financial review?

Yes.  Your assets play an important role in helping you reach your goals.  Our experience has shown clients do best when they connect their assets to their financial plan.  

What type of clients do you work with?

We work with professional woman and couples.   Many of our clients work for companies in various areas or are employed in the medical field.  This includes physicians, nurses, dermatologist, internist, product managers, project managers, CPA’s and those in sales. 

Are there any types of clients you do not work with?

Generally speaking, we do not work with business owners or government employees.

Do you work with divorced, widowed or single woman?

Yes.  As a woman owned firm, we are particularly sensitive to the unique financial needs of our female clients.  Our female clients tend to be the financial decision makers whether married, single, or divorced. 

What is your investment philosophy?

We have been managing money for a long time.  Based on academic research and our experience, we believe that the markets are efficient and we seek to get the returns of the market.  We build diversified portfolios for our clients to withstand a variety of market conditions.

Do you have a minimum for managing portfolios?

Yes, our minimum is $500,000, but we do review this on a case-by-case basis.

When the market takes a sudden drop or is volatile, will you get me out and get me back in when things improve?

No.  Not even investment professionals have a crystal ball.  Rather, each client has their own investment strategy and we will follow your investment plan through market cycles. We guide our clients to focus on factors they can control, factors like savings and spending.  We also educate our clients to ignore factors they cannot control, which is just about everything you see or hear in the media.  Investing is a long-term experience.  There will be both ups and downs along the way and we will be there to guide you.

What is your firm looking for in a client?

We are looking for clients that value professional advice and investment management and want to delegate.  Our best clients, are engaged, interested, and responsive, but trust us to help them accomplish their financial and life goals. That is what we do best.