How We Manage Money

How We Manage Money

We begin by working with you to develop a disciplined investment plan also known as an investment strategy.  A discussion of your financial goals, and objectives is paramount because we want to identify from the beginning the purpose of your portfolio. In the plan, we will define the asset classes that will be used, the target ranges and review portfolio risk with you. This information becomes what is known as your investment policy statement.  

Because research has shown that the markets price securities efficiently, we do not try to time the market or utilize any strategy that engages in short-term speculation.  Our portfolios are designed to capture the market returns of each asset class. Research has proven market timing is not effective over the long-term.  Our investment approach is strategic, and we will follow the market through various market cycles. 

Strategic Investment Approach

We focus on those factors we can control and accept the factors that cannot be controlled as part of market risk. We are proponents of broad diversification, low cost (defined by our fully disclosed fee-structure) and portfolios that are globally diversified

We accept the returns of the market and do not make any attempt to beat the market.

Your portfolio will be realigned after our annual review meeting to bring asset classes back within target ranges as stated in your investment policy.

Our process is strategic, non-emotional and disciplined.