Firm History

Shelley Ferro, CFP®, EA , CMC®

Why I started Ferro Financial, LLC

I wanted to create a firm where clients, felt heard and understood about their financial affairs. Many clients expressed they were uneasy with the sales process and worried about being sold something they didn’t understand. The added convenience of having investment management and planning done together would be a big plus. Those stories really inspired me and I set out to create a firm that was different.

I began researching how I could open an investment firm that eliminated commission, and product sales and instead provide financial knowledge aligned with the client’s objectives.

I opened my practice in 2006, right after Hurricane Katrina and right before the Great Recession. It may not have looked like the most opportune time, but it was. Clients immediately began to call.

Operating as a fee-only, fiduciary firm, clients discovered objective, comprehensive financial planning and investment management services. In the early days, Ferro Financial was quite the financial unicorn.

As the firm continues to grow, we will always stay true to our philosophy. Listen, care, and understand so we can deliver appropriate financial advice to our clients.